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Secretary of HomeJJ/ntr8'ecurfty


Fuck Obama!
Barack Obama is no ally of the left-wing. He has never done a single thing to benefit the poor. He has done nothing to support the cause of labor and help the union workers. Obama is a sell-out!


Find Local Obama Events!
Find “Anything Obama” You Need on this Sheet! Obama Official Website. Become Involved ‐ Volunteer for Obama.


US-China competition offers opportunity for
During that year, the US administration of Barack Obama initiated the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), the stated objective of which was to focus US security assistance on five key areas...


Testimony to commission on fiscal responsibility and reform
Because of this, we are grateful to President Obama for establishing the Commission, and to each of you for making the commitment to guide the nation toward solutions. Our fiscal challenge is great...


Obama, Obama Obama—can we start believing again? Obama—time to be leaders, each woman, each man Can we change the world?—yes we can, yes we can.


The OPCW Scandal and the Silence Cartel
Obama rowed back, and it was Russian diplomacy, of all people, that built him a bridge. So, he was able to resolve the crisis without losing too much face. The Moscow intervention had the effect of...


Fonts in campaign communications have
Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential bid, and Century Gothic because of its close approximation to the Gotham font used by former President Barack Obama during his 2008. 1/2. campaign.


Crosstabulation Results by Respondent
Adults 2012 Vote: Barack Obama 2012 Vote: Mitt Romney 2012 Vote: Other 2012 Vote: Didn’t Vote 4-Region: Northeast 4-Region: Midwest 4-Region: South 4-Region: West.


Department of public works commissioners
Prior to joining the Mayor’s Office, Jessica served in the Obama Administration in the U.S. Department of Education. She has also been a campaign aide to several members of Congress including former...