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Obama, Obama Obama—can we start believing again? Obama—time to be leaders, each woman, each man Can we change the world?—yes we can, yes we can.


Obama’s Plan for War on China
19—President Barack Obama’s intention to impose the British Empire’s thermonuclear war policy against Asia has rested in part on his “pivot” toward Asia—a pivot which is entirely directed towards...


National Tracking Poll 200412
Donald Trump Barack Obama Don’t know / No opinion. Frequency Percentage. xsubVote12O. 2012 Vote: Barack Obama 2012 Vote: Mitt Romney 2012 Vote: Other 2012 Vote: Didn’t Vote N.


National Tracking Poll 200412
Registered Voters 2016 Vote: Hillary Clinton 2016 Vote: Donald Trump 2016 Vote: Other 2016 Vote: Didn’t Vote Voted in 2014: Yes Voted in 2014: No 2012 Vote: Barack Obama 2012 Vote: Mitt Romney...


National Tracking Poll
2012 Vote: Barack Obama 2012 Vote: Mitt Romney 2012 Vote: Other 2012 Vote: Didn’t Vote N. 4-Region: Northeast 4-Region: Midwest 4-Region: South 4-Region: West N. Qualifies for FULL check.


Registered Voters 2012 Vote: Barack Obama 2012 Vote: Mitt Romney 2012 Vote: Other 2012 Vote: Didn’t Vote 4-Region: Northeast 4-Region: Midwest 4-Region: South 4-Region...


Message Analysis of Greta Thunberg
1 Barack Obama. On the basis of the user profile analysis results, the authors identified the most followed user (Barack Obama), the user who generated the most shared tweet before Thunberg’s UN...


The Spillover Effect of US Industrial Subsidies on China’s Exports
In 2010, 81 US subsidy policies came into eect. This was the highest number of subsidy measures implemented during the eight-year administration of US President Barack Obama.


Supreme court of the united states
Obama for Am. v. Husted, 697 F.3d 423 (6th Cir. Obama for Am., 697 F.3d at 436. Moreover, “[t]he public interest . . . favors permitting as many qualified voters to vote as possible.”


Leaders of youth movements say biden must
“The victorious ‘Obama coalition’ included millions of energized young people fighting for change,” read the letter. “But the Democratic Party’s last presidential nominee failed to mobilize our enthusiasm...