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Secretary of HomeJJ/ntr8'ecurfty


Fuck Obama!
Barack Obama is no ally of the left-wing. He has never done a single thing to benefit the poor. He has done nothing to support the cause of labor and help the union workers. Obama is a sell-out!


Find Local Obama Events!
Find “Anything Obama” You Need on this Sheet! Obama Official Website. Become Involved ‐ Volunteer for Obama.


National Tracking Poll
N. 2012 Vote: Barack Obama 2012 Vote: Mitt Romney 2012 Vote: Other 2012 Vote: Didn’t Vote N. 4-Region: Northeast 4-Region: Midwest 4-Region: South 4-Region: West N. Continued on next page.


Presidential Documents
I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, hereby expand the scope of the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13660 of March 6, 2014, finding that the actions and...


Welcome, Support
At the ‘Obama Summit’ in New York in September 2016, the leaders of 193 governments committed to more equitable and predictable sharing of responsibility for refugees as part of the New York...


Obama—time to be leaders, each woman, each man Can we change the world?—yes we can, yes we can. Time to keep faith with what once made us great Join the new great debate between choosing...


Village Customer
West Drive Bit View Rosie Dunaghy Obama Kilara Hercules Madisons Viking.


Reported Speech with Vogue Interviews
You have 2 minutes to prepare your role. Ask them the questions you’ve prepared and write down their answers. 8. Report the answers you got from the celebrity to your group. e.g. Michelle Obama said...


Lessons learned record of interview
"We did a monthly teleconference with Obama on Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was weekly with Bush during the Surge in Iraq." "The president was not deeply involved in the Riedel review.