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Modeling Systemic Risk to the Financial System: A Review of...
Kritzman and Li (2010) have applied this concept to measure turbulence in financial markets. In an additional paper published in 2010, Kritzman and Li, joined by Page and Rigobon, develop another...


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Mark Kritzman [email protected] David Turkington [email protected] THIS VERSION: September 21, 2018. Abstract Crowded trades are often associated with bubbles.


MARK KRITZMAN is president and CEO of Windham Capital Man-agement, and he teaches at MIT Sloan School in Cambridge, MA. [email protected]


La.ter that year (1920) Kritzman (2) was to report that of 2000 important enterprises for which data were available 1720 were already under •one man management 1 •.


Marilyn Kritzman, William Rantz, C. Dennis Simpson, Sarah Summy
...Board: Osama Abudayyeh, Janet Hahn, Decker Hains, John Jellies, Marilyn Kritzman, William Rantz, C. Dennis Research Policies Council – Abudayyeh · Undergraduate Studies Council – Kritzman.


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Faculty Senate Executive Board: Osama Abudayyeh, Suzan Ayers, Carla Chase, Janet Hahn, John Jellies, Marilyn Kritzman, Bret Wagner Richard Gershon, Faculty Senate President.


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TO: Intellectual Skills Program Advisory Committee: Kim Ballard, Kirsty Eisenhart, Marilyn Kritzman (Faculty Senate Executive Board Representative), Jan. Gabel-Goes, Kerrie Harvey, Leah...


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Mark Kritzman2, Yuanzhen Li3, Sebastien Page4, and Roberto Rigobon5. 8 See, for example, Ang and Bekaert, 2002, Kritzman, Lowry, and Van Royen, 2001, and Baele, 2003, on regime shifts; Van...


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© 2007 Mark Kritzman, Simon Myrgren, and Sébastien Page. Mark Kritzman. Windham Capital Management, LLC, 5 Revere Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, [email protected]


15.451 Proseminar in Capital Markets/ Investment Management M. Kritzman Provides a unique opportunity to tackle original research problems in capital market analysis and investment...