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Big Julie has her long arm looped into some sort of contraption on the right side. Can you figure out what it is? It could be a garden hose-- with a sprinkler Like lots of ladies in paintings, Big Julie is dressed up in something nice–see the pearls around her neck?–and has a flower in her left hand.


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4) Big Julie is wearing an ugly necklace. 5) A flower in Big Julie’s hand makes her look similar to many other ladies in. In the race to the South Pole, there was a Japanese team attempting to be first, led by heroic explorer Nobu Shirase. (1) For a few weeks in January 1912, Antarctica was full of explorers.


Mountain Rescue
Last year over 200 climbers were rescued from the mountains of Scotland by local rescue teams, who go the youngest and oldest, it is the book of our lifetimes. B There has never been a century like it – and You’re never too old to have a pet When Antony and Jacqueline Rich’s Yorkshire terrier Monty...


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B) About seven years. And citing business travel experience on your CV can bring enormous professional benefits. 27 _. There is a big difference between travelling to Milan as a tourist and travelling there to spend a day in the type of hotel meeting room that can be found anywhere in...


Test 1
B bought C buying. pm. A is watching C has watched. B watches. 11 The tribesmen . the village before the volcano erupted. 2 All 19-year-old Stephanie could think about was rushing home to try everything on. Such splurges have characterised Stephanie’s life for the past year and a half.


She was lying on her bed……about the party.
29. Peter …….. forty years old in January. A be B will be C has been. …. A Last month, Julie 1) …went… (go) on holiday to When he was 25 years old, on his first voyage in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Portugal, his...


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That’s because … a) My hair has cut b) I have my hair cut c) I have cut my hair in the hairdresser’s d) I had my hair cut. УСТНАЯ ЧАСТЬ What’s your name? How old are you?


You don’t need … flour to bake a pizza.
PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2006 Pearson Longman ELT. 1. 13 How old _ you in 2004? A are. 27 This exercise is _ than that one. A difficulty B much difficult C more difficult D difficult. D Did you learn. 46 We _ the history of Bolivar last year. A study. B studying C studies.


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Infanta: she is twelve years old and is an important figure in the country. On the day of her birthday. she is allowed to play with children lower in rank than she is, and on all other days she has to play alone; readers also learn that she is “graceful” and wears a “tasteful” attire.


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Repainting and repairing old pieces of furniture or inventing new ways of using shabby bags or clothes may happen to be extremely rewarding not only in terms of realizing your hidden talents but also making money. It might also be a smart idea to choose goods that are made of recyclable materials.