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Syllabus | Cambridge International AS and A Level Business
Cambridge International AS & A Level Business encourages learners to explore their subject in depth. The syllabus has been designed, in consultation with All our syllabuses are reviewed and updated regularly so that they reflect the latest thinking of international experts and practitioners, and take...


Teaching plan for
The International Management course focuses on opportunities and challenges created by globalization. Special attention is placed upon different tools and analytic competences available to the different specialized managerial roles when competing internationally.


AD081 | Topic Introductions/Course Syllabus & Requirements
In an international context, marketing managers plan and conduct transactions across borders to • Discuss the more typical management decisions and problems faced, highlighting those. Agenda Sessions and Course Syllabus. AGENDA FOR THE SESSIONS: Below you can find a tentative...


Faculty of Management | Syllabus MBA (Marketing) Two Years
Bareilly – 243 001 (U.P.) Syllabus MBA (Marketing) Two Years. Full Time Programme. Management : Definition, nature, process , functions & skills . Evolution of management thoughts - F.W. Taylor, Henri Fayol, Max Weber , Elton Mayo .


University of pune
University of pune faculty of management. Revised Syllabus for the Masters Degree Course in Marketing Management. 2. The knowledge and skills required to plan, and manage marketing function, which has emerged as a special discipline is highly valued in all industry sectors...


University of pune
Faculty of management. Revised Syllabus for the Master in Business Studies. 5) International Marketing – Objectives and Challenges in International Marketing, Major Players in International marketing, market Selection, Entry Strategies.


SYLLABUS | Overview of Strategic Management
Detailed syllabus. Section 1: Overview of Strategic Management. SECTION 9: International Business Strategy · The environment of international business · Finance of international trade · Advances in international marketing · Survival and growth strategies within...


Syllabus. International Business Management. Internationellt företagande. Education Cycle: First cycle Main Field of Study (Progressive Specialisation): International Business Administration (G2F) Disciplinary · International Marketing Strategy. Analysis, development and implementation, 5ed.


MARKETING | Syllabus
Syllabus objectives The syllabus is intended to encourage candidates to: Understand and appreciate the nature and scope of marketing and its role Knowledge and comprehension of the topics specified in the syllabus; Application of knowledge to challenges and issues within local and international...


MARKETING | Syllabus
Marketing IM 23 Syllabus. (Available in September) 1 Paper (3 hours). Knowledge and comprehension of the topics specified in the syllabus; Application of knowledge to challenges and issues within local and international situations; Analysis of problems, issues and situations by making...