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The 44 Sounds of English
ll spell. mm summer. nn funny. n sink. Spelling alternatives.


Pre-Intermediate Workbook Key
funny. 11 funnier. Long adjectives. comfortable. weekly: every week quarterly: four times a year comic strips: a series of funny drawings with writing weather forecast: information about the weather...


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I think Eddie Murphy is very funny. Becky: Great. Let’s meet outside the cinema at 8 o’clock, then. reggae Celtic country. modern life, love & feelings problems people have sad or funny stories.


Leaflet Welcome 1_3_Leaflet Welcome 1_3
the bed. Ha, ha! He’s very funny! 4. Write about your bedroom.


2 'Where's Kate?' ' I .know.' 3 What's funny? W h y . you laughing? 4 'W hat.


SAMPLE The TV is between two big bookcases | Our funny home
Our home is really funny. The window is under the cupboard. Our radio is in Mum’s old hat. © Cambridge University Press 2017. 1. Our funny home. A Draw lines. 1 I go to bed and sleep in my …


Read and listen.
Charlie likes wearing funny clothes. Hello, Charlie!’ he calls. I’m not Charlie in funny clothes. I’m Jog and I’m an alien. ‘Good morning!’ answers Jog.


Language focus 1 have got
funny brown intelligent short blue straight good-looking old. He’s got dark hair and green eyes. He’s very intelligent, and quite funny, too! My brother’s great, and he’s a very good friend.


Английский язык. 3 кл. класс (К. М. Баранова, Д. Дули и др.)
B: It’s so funny! Ending the lesson. Take one item from each student (i.e. a rubber). Oh, Alvin! You’re so funny. Happy Birthday, Harry! Here are your presents!


of good fun that is funny with a word. study game that sharpens reading skills. I know it’s a challenge, but it can be funny, And learning to read Will make your days sunny.