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Human Resource Management as Entrepreneurial Tool? Cinzia Dal Zotto, Ph.D. Media Management and Transformation Centre, and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management...


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12. Entrepreneurial Management 13. The Entrepreneurial Business 14. Suggested Readings Index About the Author Books by Peter F. Drucker Credits Copyright About the Publisher.


Strategic Entrepreneurship | Entrepreneurial Resources
An entrepreneurial mindset is required for firms to compete successfully in the new competitive landscape through use of carefully selected and implemented entrepreneurial strategies.


Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneurial Management Team
Management Team. Alexander L. M. Dingee, Brian Haslett and Leonard E. Smollen. Drive and energy level: A successful entrepreneur must have the ability to work long hours for sustained...


Entrepreneurial Management
2 Entrepreneurial Management. ENTR:1350 Foundations in Entrepreneurship. Sustainability requirements in management of new product. and process development from the perspective of the.


Entrepreneurial | ENTR:3400 Strategic Management of Technology and
For more information, see Entrepreneurial Management. and entrepreneurial pathways; preparation for success in. postsecondary STEM majors, careers, and entrepreneurial.


Entrepreneurship: Venture Initiation, Management
Part III: Venture Management The entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial venture’s “ability to execute” once the venture is launched, is ensured only by organizing and staffing the venture with skilled individuals.


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Beard Books: Washington D.C. Chandler, A.D., 2004. Scale and Scope: The Dynamics of Industrial Strategic Entrepreneurship: Integrating Entrepreneurial and Strategic Management Perspectives.


Chapter 3 | Assessment of the entrepreneurial team
The adapted entrepreneurial model is illustrated in figure 3.3 below. The entrepreneurship process. Studying the skills needed per entrepreneurial process stage will highlight the interactive nature of...


The Vital Entrepreneurial Learning Organization | Knowledge manager
Entrepreneurial organizations should shape the environment-organization relation and pursue entrepreneurial activities in new businesses and in existing businesses to integrate e±ciency...