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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) research paper: Deception Maxims...
Deception research program. Everest Consulting Associates Princeton Jct., New Jersey. These case studies are part of an ORD exploratory research program on deception.


FOIA Logs for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for 1999-2004
Foreign leader program, international visitor program, international. 10/1980 cia assessment entitled "deception research program no 9


Reading Lies: Nonverbal Communication and Deception
Research has shown that insight into liars’ interview strategies facilitates lie detection as long as investigators use The direction of deception: neuro-. linguistic programming as a lie detection tool.


Ethical judgments of deception in psychological research
Ascheman, Paul Lawrence, "Ethical judgments of deception in psychological research" (2013). Program of Study Committee: Norman Scott, Major Professor.


Deception in Marketing Research
Deception in Marketing Research: Ethical, Methodological, and Disciplinary Implications Despite a a program of research to assess the impact of deception at the disciplinary level for marketing.


Deception Techniques In Computer Security: A Research Perspective
...aspect-oriented programming [Padayachee 2014], and setting honey HTTP request parameters Publication date: January 2019. Deception Techniques In Computer Security: A Research Perspective.


Performance analysis of cyber deception using
This research provides models that describe the theoretic bounds of the eectiveness of using deceptive tools. The models provide insight into the expected, long term outcomes of using...


Deception in computer-mediated
Traditional deception research has examined the verbal cues of deception (Vrij 2008b), with mixed 2003). This program of research, however, is at its nascence, and there are at least two important...


Chapter nine | survey research
CHAPTER NINE. Survey Research. Pbnny s. vissbr, jon a. krosnick, and paul j Survey research is a specific type of field study that in-volves the collection of data from a sample of...


Human Research Protection Program Glossary
Deception – Withholding of information about a research project that might affect the subjects’ decision to participate in the study. In its mildest form, deception may involve simply withholding the...