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Cavaliers 109, grizzlies 113 – fedexforum – memphis, TN
Cavaliers 109, grizzlies 113 – fedexforum – memphis, TN


Where once nude paintings were strictly for the bedroom (if allowed), the prevalence of nudity in advertising and the media has removed the titillation, leaving the viewer to admire a naked woman or...


It is 100 seconds to midnight
It is 100 seconds to midnight


Vistemboir*, Danielle Gottesman’s first solo exhibition in the United States, was presented by Peninsula Ar t Space in the fall of 2013. A selection of work in sculpture, etching, photog-raphy and video...


ISU European Figure Skating Championships
ISU European Figure Skating Championships


Francesca Bregoli is an Assistant Professor of History and the Joseph and Oro Halegua Professor of Greek and Sephardic Studies. Her work focuses on the cultural and social history of Italian and...


Animal Modeling of Pediatric Liver Cancer
space in the back of female nude (Balb/c nu/nu) mice [21]. The foundation for this research came from work with HCC mouse models that showed that subcutaneous implantation of cells led to generation...


Gut Microbiota Profile of Obese Diabetic Women
Karina Al Assal 1,*,†, Edi Prifti 2,3,†, Eugeni Belda 3, Priscila Sala 1, Karine Clément 4,5, Maria-Carlota Dao 3,5, Joel Doré 6, Florence Levenez 6, Carla R. Taddei 7, Danielle Cristina Fonseca 1, Ilanna...


Mechanism of ZIP4; Implications in
...Ahern, C.H.; Fisher, W.E.; Brunicardi, F.C.; Logsdon, C.D.; Chen, C.; Yao, Q. Down-regulation of ZIP4 by RNA interference inhibits pancreatic cancer growth and increases the survival of nude mice with...


Technical Rules Book
5. Lifters may be weighed nude or in underwear which complies with the specifications set out in the appropriate section of the rule book and which does not effectively change the lifter’s weight.