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What is Conscious Discipline?
Conscious Discipline® is a comprehensive classroom management program and a social-emotional curriculum. It is based on current brain research, child development information, and developmentally appropriate practices. Conscious Discipline® has been specifically designed to make changes in the...


Conscious Discipline
Conscious Discipline™ links social-emotional learning and classroom management principles. It is developed upon a community model of discipline rather than competitive. Conscious Discipline™ is an evidence-based comprehensive program that includes


Ten "To Do's" for Conscious Discipline
Principle: We must discipline ourselves first and our children second. Application: Instead of screaming, "You better get control of yourself right now," take a deep breath and calm Become conscious of the intent behind each of your interactions. Your intent is more powerful than any words.


Independent Quasi
? Conscious Discipline is a research-based comprehensive self-regulation program that combines social and emotional learning with discipline and guidance. Built on a foundation of current brain research, the School Family™ is constructed from safety, connection and problem-solving.


Conscious Discipline Aligned with
Conscious Discipline Aligned with. The Head Start Child Outcomes Framework. Domain: Social and Emo.onal Development. The (parentheses) contain Conscious Discipline resources, [email protected] and structures that support the. Goal. Domain: Approaches to Learning.


Using Conscious Discipline
Using Conscious Discipline to Integrate Social-Emotional Learning and Academics. For Administrators. Presented by: Lindsey Merrick, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor. Implementation Plan: Weeks 1 – 6 and Beyond!


Conscious Discipline
Conscious Discipline for Families.


Conscious Discipline
Conscious Discipline 3.4.09. This week’s focus will be on giving I-Messages. I– messages are skills that originate from owning one’s feelings and claiming one’s power.


The Conscious Discipline program is
CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE This Conscious Discipline guidelines handout enhances the video presentation by Jeanne Yamabayashi, CBS Program Manager from COMCARE during a CMHC~ICE Training. Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social-emotional learning and classroom...


Regional Conscious Discipline ® Refresher Courses
Refresher Courses Spring 2018. This One-Day Session is free to all participants*. Presented by Karen Hickman, Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor and Loving Guidance Associate. (certificates will no longer be issued. You must attend the full session and obtain a...