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English Languade Learner: A Guide for Classroom Teachers
Typically the classroom teacher is called upon to work with ELL students in a mainstream setting (i.e., with peers for whom English is a first or native The situations described in the chart indicate the need for teachers to revisit their assumptions about the meaning of students’ behaviour and adjust their...


Second Language Assessment for Classroom Teachers
For classroom teachers, formative evaluation is an ongoing formal or informal evaluative process in which students are provided with various This section reviews some commonly used assessment methods seemingly useful to second language teachers in general. A definition of each type of...


Examples of Current Issues in the Multicultural Classroom
Teachers who unite classrooms with activities both inside and outside of the classroom stand a better chance at boosting student achievement and ameliorating the negative effects that have been observed in multicultural classrooms in the past. Keywords: Issue in multicultural classroom, methods of...


Evidence-based Classroom Behaviour Management
Effective teaching and positively functioning classrooms with low levels of disruptive behaviour require planning and consistency. Most studies of classroom feedback to teachers have used methods that are less than immediate, however, a recent series of experiments, using bug-in-the-ear and webcam...


Classroom Phrases / Expressions for Teachers ( randomly selected )
There currently exists in most classrooms today a subtle form of double-speak. Teachers constantly utilize phrases with double meanings. In the everyday world of the classroom, when teachers utter this phrase they are actually signaling that they are ready to move on to something else.


Overview of Language Teaching Methodology | THE DIRECT METHOD
Method A generalized set of classroom specifications for accomplishing linguistic objectives. Methods tend to be primarily concerned with teacher and student roles and behaviors and secondarily with such features as linguistic and subject-matter objectives, sequencing, and materials.


Teachers’ Use of Interactive Teaching Methods in Inclusive...
Interactive teaching refers to a teaching method which involves facilitator/teacher and learners in the classroom. If interactive teaching method is well planned and organized, many learners may master clearly the specified objectives of the lesson before proceeding to more advanced work.


2.1. Assessment methods used by teachers in the classroom
Qualitative interview method was used with three (3) primary school teachers in Norway. Detailed descriptions and analysis of the teachers’ variety of classroom assessment methods, use of assessment information, and the provision of diversity in classroom assessment were considered.


A Case Study of One Secondary School in
3.3 Adaptive Teaching Methods for Students with Visual Impairments. 3.3.1 Encouraging Collaborative Learning. 3.3.2 Using Questions and Answers. Appendix 11: A Consent Letter for Teachers. Teaching Students with Visual Impairments in Inclusive Classrooms. A Case Study of One...


Advanced Teaching
Advanced Teaching Methods for the. Technology Classroom. Table of Contents. Chapter IV describes the relation between teaching methods and learning styles. This chapter identifies over fifty instructional and research methods for technology teachers.