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Chinese Local Gazetteers: Evolution
A new Chinese statue law stipulates that the local gazetteer should be published on a regular basis These three statues of Republican government on local gazetteers outlined above provide detailed...


International Seminar on the Korean Culture and the Silk Roads, 23-25...
Even, if indeed, the Ttuksom statues of Chinese origin, we can assume that the early type of Buddha image that was first brought to Korea in the late fourth century at the time of the first introduction of...


Choices: Examining the Parts of a Sentence
1. The delicately sculptured, alabaster Chinese statue. 2. At Saint Croix in the Virgin Islands, where the water is warm. 3. Glancing at the thick Sunday paper.


Chinese Images in Rudolf Arnheim’s Art
He deploys Chinese thought, especially Taoism, to complement the deficiency of western thought. Among the Chinese images cited in Arnheim’s argument, T’ai-chi tu is the most representative one.


The Statue's design was shaped by many influences, but drew principally on classical works depicting Liberty as a woman holding a flame. Laboulaye wanted to project the image of peace and order rather...


Female Statues in Ancient Greece and Rome
Comparing to ancient Chinese statues that made in Han dynasty, ancient Greco-Roman female statues emphasized more on realities and details of body shape, clothing, and hair style, especially in...


Chinese Dynasties: Sui, Tang and Song
Is Chinese History a history just of emperors and dynasties? What of the Chinese people? In China the Mongols dominated the country’s political and economic life at first but by the late 14th century the...


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His Chinese-inspired image (right) is quite different than Thai and Hindu statues of Jivaka. He is referred to as “Jivaka, the Heart-Exposing Arhat.”


The Ending of the Law and the Hope of
Chinese imperial patrons were avid for foreign imagery in the 6th century, and many motifs from Persia, Sogdiana and other parts of Central Asia entered the Chinese artist’s reper


Symbolism in Asian Statues of the Buddha
Recommended Citation Richie, Cristina "Symbolism in Asian Statues of the Buddha." In the creation of such statues, the artist is cognizant of the deeply metaphorical nuances she has created.