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Policing Possession: The War on Crime and the
The paradigmatic crime of the war on crime is not mur-. der, but possession; its sanction not punishment, but forfeiture; its process not the jury trial, but plea bargaining; its mode of.


Crime: Rebooting Notions Of Possession For The
Jelani J. Exum, Making The Punishment Fit The (Computer) Crime: Rebooting Notions Of Possession For The Federal Sentencing Of Child Pornography Offenses, 16 Rich.


Source and Use of Firearms Involved in
„„ Firearm possession – carrying or possessing at least one firearm when the offense for which In general, the likelihood of state and federal prisoners having possessed a firearm during their crime...


Weapons Offenses and | Firearms, crime, and criminal justice
possession carrying use sales or trafficking manufacturing importing and exporting. This report is the second in a series on firearms, crime, and criminal justice. The first report in the series, Guns Used...


Involvement in crime & encounters with
Crimes and Police Encounters With Toy Guns Imitation Guns and Robberies Imitation Guns and Assaults Imitation Guns and the Use of Force by the Police.


Recorded Crimes - Possession of
Recorded Crimes - Possession of an Article with Blade or Point Under 16 2012 - 2017. Suspect Age under 16/OUTCOME Possession Of Article With Blade Or Point CHARGED 12 14 15 SUMMONS 11...


Date of Decision - 10 January 2019
5. What were the classifications for these crimes? e.g. robbery, assault. 6. How many prosecutions have there been for the possession of an offensive weapon (taser) in 2017 and 2018?


Proposed changes to police recorded crime
In Northern Ireland police recorded crime figures and the Northern Ireland Crime Survey are presented as two separate criminal damage. drug offences. trafficking of drugs possession of drugs.


Reno’s most | Crime: Possession controlled substance
Crime: Possession of Controlled Substance. Crime: Burglary/Possession of Stolen Property.


Vegas most wanted
Attention Law Enforcement: These offenders are wanted for various crimes. All agencies must verify through their respective agency to confirm warrant or DONS hit “Priority 5”.