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Sales and distribution management (MK – 212)
• Sales Management- Analysis & Decision Making –Johnston & Marshall (Tata McGRAW Hill 9th Edition, India Edition. As far as possible the data should be collected via means of interview with the company officials and survey of dealers and distributors of the respective company.


SYLLABUS | MBCI - 2 – Managerial Economics
UNIT IV: International Management Practices : A comparative study of management practices in India, Japan, USA and China with particular reference to Planning, Organising, Directing, Staffing and Controlling, Recent developments in the field of Management in a global perspective.


Management functions & Organizational Behaviour
Sales & Distribution Management. L-4 T-0. Credits:04. Objectives: The course aims to impart skills and knowledge needed to manage sales force and distribution function so Basic objective of this module is to understand Sales & Distribution Process using ERP and integration of other components.


Sales and Distribution Management
Distribution Management - Managing marketing logistics & channels, Channel Integration - VMS, HMS, Channel Management, and Marketing After determining goals, the sales manager of a small business must develop a strategy to attain them. A very basic decision is whether to hire a sales...


Sales And Distribution Management
sales and distribution management. Sales And Distribution Management.


Sales And Distribution Management Ebook Portable
on Sales and Distribution Management by Indian authors as well these books do not present the Indian conditions in the right perspective Indian students studying management require books which deal with the changing profile of Indian buyers and helps them understand their Ebook Sales And...


DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS MANAGERS SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS Distribution and logistics managers specific requirements include certification, licensure, and specialized educational degrees, or physical and training requirements. Post-secondary education ̥̥The majority of...


Microsoft Word - basic sales ebook
Basic sales training for people new to sales, and self employed and small business owners that sell products and services. This short, to the point sales training course can help them with the basics of selling.


Credit Management in Sales and Distribution
Path: IMG -> Sales and distribution -> Basic functions -> credit management/Risk management -> Define credit groups Credit Group is used to combine different document types for the purpose of credit. Management.Using credit group we can define at what level the credit limit is checked for the customer.