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S5-135U/155U List of Operations
List of Organization Blocks. OBs for Program Processing OBs for Start-up Procedures OBs for Handling Controller Errors in the CPU 922/928/928B OBs for Handling Controller Errors in the CPU 948 OBs...


The Model 948 pressure transmitter is a low-range, SMART, small pressure transducer. As you can see from the picture, it can be direct mounted, or it can be used as a submersible unit.


hmc948 (v02.0913)
The HMC948LP3E is ideal for: • Point-to-Point Microwave Radio • VSAT • Wideband Power The HMC948LP3E Logarithmic Detector converts RF signals at its input, to a proportional DC voltage at its...


ZTX948 Silicon planar medium power high current transistor datasheet
ZTX948. ISSUE 2 – JUNE 94 FEATURES * 4.5 Amps continuous current * Up to 20 Amps peak current * Very low saturation voltage * Excellent gain up to 20 Amps * Very low leakage * Exceptional gain...


FZT948. Thermal Characteristics and Derating Information. -I Collector Current (A). Copyright © 2017, Diodes Incorporated. www.diodes.com. FZT948. Document number: DS33189 Rev.


NTE948 & NTE948SM
Description: The NTE948 (14–Lead DIP) and NTE948SM (SOIC–14) consists of four independent, high gain, in-ternally compensated, low power operational 9 Invert Input C 8 Output C. NTE948. 14 8. 17.


948-1 948-2.indd
948-1 948-2. • Fast, simple mounting as an accessory to EasyBase. • The required tools are included. • Adjustable wheel holders that t most bikes. • Rubber-coated frame holders to protect the bike.


DS90UB948-Q1 2K FPD-Link III to OpenLDI Deserializer datasheet...
The DS90UB948-Q1 is a FPD-Link III deserializer which, in conjunction with the DS90UB949A/949/947-Q1 serializers, converts 1-lane or 2-lane FPD-Link III streams into a FPD-Link (OpenLDI) interface.


Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier Operating and Support Costs 159. Annual Direct Intermediate Maintenance Costs (FY98 $M). Rand MR948-J.2. 3.0 cvn 68 cvn 69.


814, 816 and Top 948 Series Panel Mount Timers
Top 948. Rst ent. Check PR. Timers. Top 948. LCD Multi-function timer. UL listed CSA recognized.