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Pub 908:1/20:Fuel Tax Rates Tax Law Articles 12-A and 13-A :pub908
See. Form PT-350, Petroleum Business Tax Return for Fuel Consumption — Commercial Vessels. Page 2 of 2 Publication 908 (1/20). Article 13-A rates Aggregate tax rate.


hmc908 (v03.0614)-OBSOLETE
HMC908LC5. GaAs MMIC I/Q DOWNCONVERTER 9 - 12 GHz. Mixers - I/q mixers, irms The HMC908LC5 is ideal for: • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point Radio • Military Radar, EW & ELINT...


Electronic control unit for posiflow solenoid valves series 908. OPTIONS • ASCO can offer any adaption or modification to the control unit to meet special requests from the...


TS 908 Jun2001 (Archived Specification)
Transportation services standard construction specifications. Ts 908. 908.05. Material. Specifications for the materials for aluminum handrails shall be as indicated on the drawings.


Promulgation Details for 1 RCNY 908-01
Section 908-01 of Chapter 900 of Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York is amended to read as follows: § 908-01 Carbon Monoxide Detectors.


Microsoft Word - BU908.doc
Product Specification. BU908. DESCRIPTION ·With TO-3PN package ·High voltage ·High speed switching. APPLICATIONS ·For color TV horizontal deflection circuits.


Microsoft Word - IR908-7C-F.doc
․EVERLIGHT’s Infrared Emitting Diode (IR908-7C-F) is a high intensity diode , molded in a water clear plastic ‧Mouse ‧Optoelectronic switch. ‧Infrared applied system. IR908-7C-F. Device Selection Guide.


BF908; BF908R Dual-gate MOS-FETs
BF908; BF908R. FEATURES • High forward transfer admittance • Short channel transistor with high forward transfer. admittance to input capacitance ratio • Low noise gain controlled amplifier up to 1 GHz.


SOT908-1. plastic thermal enhanced very thin small outline package; no. leads; 8 terminals. European projection. SOT908-1. MO-229. Issue date.


Microsoft Word - M68EVB908QL4man.doc
The M68EVB908QL4 single board computer is a fully assembled, fully functional development board for the Motorola MC68HC908QL4 microcontroller. Provided with wall plug power supply and serial cable.