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Young Teens (12-14 years of age)
· Make sure your teen knows about the importance of wearing seatbelts. Motor vehicle crashes are · Talk with your teen about the importance of having friends who are interested in positive activities.


Fitness: Teens 13 – 18 Years Old
In the teen years, even kids who had a lot of energy lose interest in staying active. School, friends, studying, and part time jobs become more important. However, kids who started out enjoying physical...


B1/B2 Multilevel Exam Sample Tasks for Reading Comprehension
4. B2 level - Teen millionaire. B1/B2 Multilevel Exam Sample Tasks for Reading Comprehension. Here are some facts that the study revealed about tweens (8 to 12 years) and teens (13 to 18 years).


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Значение. Примеры. -teen -ty -th. числительные от 13 до 19 десятки порядковые числительные. six - sixteen six- sixty six- sixth. Exercises.


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third of teenagers have an MP3 player or a PC and finally 13% of teens have got digital TV. B: It’s a teen camp аСere you learn to paint, sing and dance. Do you fancy coming with me?


On average, teens had 3 symptoms of addiction: boys typically had more than two, girls less than two. But 12% of boys and 8% of girls had at least six symptoms – certainly enough to be considered...


Teens, Social Media, and Privacy
Older teens are more likely than younger teens to share certain types of information, but boys and · Younger teen social media users (12-13) are considerably more likely than older teens (14-17) to say...


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Unit 13. 1 Suggested Answers 1 Prop, hooker, lock, flanker, full back, wing, and center are some positions in rugby. 2 The full back is a team's last line of defense on a rugby pitch.


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13 House space 14 Fiesta! Vocabulary and grammar reviews Units 11 and 12 Part 5: ‘My new home in interrupted with household responsibilities. 13. Unit 1. 5 Now check or complete your answers by...


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13. Задача 13. 14. Задача 14. 15. Задача 15. Sleep-deprived teens also have self-reported rates of depression, higher rates of obesity and lower rates of school attendance.