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States of Matter Activities
*These activities were inuenced by current thinking about the role of language in learning. States of Matter Connect Four Cards. These should be printed on card in two colours and cut up.


Cycles of Matter Activity
Cycles of Matter Activity. Purpose: To trace water and nutrients through the ecosystem. Materials: cycle sheets, colored pencils, textbook Procedures


STATES OF MATTER How many examples of each of the three s
How many examples of each of the three states of matter can you. MATTER Indicate whether the following examples are solid, liqu.


Physical Nature of Matter | Activity _ 1.10
In the above three activities we observe that particles of matter intermix on their own with each other. Refer to activities 1.4 and 1.5 where we saw that solids and liquids can diffuse into liquids.


Motion and matter
Activity: doing and observing. In the practice of science, scientists put things together and take have been absent and missed the active investigations. The Technology chapter provides details about the...


Lab activity: matter on the move (#1)
Student lab sheet: matter on the move (#1). A. DEMONSTRATION: Do heating and B. STUDENT ACTIVITY: What happens to a film of bubble solution when the air inside a bottle is...


Matter on the move (#1)
Lab activity: matter on the move (#1). Introduction: In this two-part demonstration and introduced to the idea that heating and cooling have an effect on matter. They will see that food...


Shape Matters Activity
Chemical formula. Sweet (1-5). 4. Why does shape of a molecule matter? Give examples from this lab.


Activity sheet 1. the universe activity sheet 2. planet earth activity sheet 3. living things activity sheet 4 Matter and its properties activity sheet 13.


In grades 7 and 8, you were introduced to the concept that all matter can be sub-divided into smaller groups; mixtures and pure substances. In this activity we are going to review and further our...