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Filaggrin gene defects and risk of developing allergic
Case-control studies Pooled data from the two case-control studiesw12 w23 gave an overall odds People with atopic dermatitis or eczema Three case-control studiesw12 w16 w23 and two family...


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Non-randomised interventional studiesw40 w41 and retrospective case seriesw42 found that For long answers go to the Education channel on bmj.com. CASE REPORT Abdominal pain and...


Pre-eclampsia and risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer
In four studiesw13 w15-w17 a summary relative risk of 2.60 (1.94 to 3.49) was identified for a fatal event. Four other stu-dies included fatal and non-fatal ischaemic heart dis-ease as their outcome after...


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Essentially this employs the SQL language [Astrahan et
Our approach is to model the decision processes of the end-users using a data abstraction hierarchy. It is at this point that the generator becomes specialized to a particular class of application (in our case...


Excess risk of fatal coronary heart disease
...a large case-control study of more than 15 000 cases of acute myocardial infarction risk factors associated with myocardial infarction in 52 countries (the INTERHEART study): case-control study.


In ourfirstseriesof studiesw, easkedhowa backpropa-gationnetworkmightsolvetheproblemoflearningto labela setof highlyconfusablesyllablesT. he basicideawasto usea spectrogramof a...


Containsbackgroundreading,case studiesw, ork exercisesr,eferencetablesand bibliography.315pages.Price$120. Environmentaland TechnologicaIlssues.


Pre-eclampsia and risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer
In two studiesw15 w16 pre-eclampsia before 37 weeks’ gestation was associated with nearly an eightfold increased risk of ischaemic heart disease (7.71, 4.40 to 13.52) compared with women with...


Amateur boxing and risk of chronic traumatic brain injury
Case-control Case-control Case-control. For instance, none of the four cohort studiesw1 w2 w6 w15 (quality 3-6) had positive results, with three actually showing improvements over the study period.w1...