Goliath Search - the New Search Engine in the block!

Searching on the Internet these days is even more difficult than it has ever been before. Apart from Google, Bing and a few other major search engines the ordinary Internet user has no other options. These big international search engine operators are also involved with aggressive advertising and marketing strategies and whilst advocating Internet privacy we all know that they are really just the flagships of Internet surveillance.

Goliath Search is on the other hand is more user-friendly search engine. We never track your searching habits - in fact we have no idea who you are or ever really want to know. All we would like you to have is a safe and risk free browsing on the Internet whatever you are searching for. Just like in the old days.

Goliath Search is here to stay and crush the corporate enemies and not afraid to face the small David either. Enjoy your stay and we hope you will find with Goliath what you are looking for!

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